All-in-One Solution for Seamless e-Commerce Management Across Multiple Marketplaces!


Features/Operating System For E-commerce

Dashboard Unified Analytics

Showcase the dashboard with analytics on sales, trends, and performance metrics.

This dynamic dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your business, allowing you to effortlessly track key metrics, identify emerging trends, and assess performance across various channels. With visually engaging charts and graphs, you can quickly assess sales performance, monitor trends over time, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your business strategy. Whether you’re seeking to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, or maximize profitability, the Dashboard Unified Analytics empowers you with the actionable insights needed to drive success in today’s competitive landscape.

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Multi channel support

Offer a seamless integration tool that consolidates orders from numerous
e-commerce platforms into a single,
easy-to-manage dashboard.

This ensures that all customer orders, regardless of the selling platform, are accessible from one centralized location.

Inventory Management

Present an advanced inventory control system that automatically updates stock levels across all sales channels in real-time.

Unisellergy is the go-to inventory management software worldwide. It helps you track inventory in different warehouses, check reports easily, and stay updated on low stock. Trusted by top businesses, it works seamlessly with barcode systems, making supply chain operations smooth. No more manual headaches – just simple, stress-free management.

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Order Management


Order Fulfillment Optimization

Implement algorithms that streamline picking, packing, and shipping processes, reducing the time from order receipt to dispatch. Include features like batch picking, route optimization, and packaging suggestions to enhance operational efficiency.

Tracking System

Track each product orders channel wise and monitor your product orders using tracking id

Return Management

Unisellergy extends its comprehensive suite with a robust return management system that simplifies the returns process for businesses. This system automates the tracking of returned items, ensures accurate refund processing, and manages exchanges efficiently. By integrating returns into the same dashboard, it allows businesses to quickly respond to customer issues, maintain customer satisfaction, and analyze return data to identify potential areas for product improvement. The system’s ability to handle returns smoothly helps preserve customer trust and loyalty, crucial for maintaining competitive advantage in e-commerce.
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Payment Reconciliation

Unisellergy also includes an advanced payment reconciliation feature that ensures accuracy and transparency in financial transactions across multiple e-commerce platforms. This tool automatically matches payments received with corresponding orders, identifies discrepancies, and provides detailed reports on transaction statuses. It helps businesses manage cash flow effectively, reduce financial errors, and provide timely financial insights. This capability is essential for maintaining an accurate financial overview and ensuring compliance with accounting standards, ultimately supporting strategic financial planning and stability.

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Unisellergy is a powerful e-commerce solution that integrates all sales channels, offering a comprehensive builder and courier system for managing inventory and shipments from a single dashboard. This streamlined approach simplifies operations, enhances customer experience, and optimizes supply chain efficiency.


Order Fulfillment Optimization

Admins have total control over vendors, orders, commissions, products, and more. Plus, they earn commissions on each order without the need to invest in inventory.


Freedom to 

Empower vendors with total freedom and transparency. They can register effortlessly and begin selling in moments.

Product Options 
for Customers

Customers enjoy a diverse product catalog and competitive pricing by selecting items from various vendors within the same cart.

Agencies Managing Large Numbers Of Sellers

Unisellergy is a comprehensive solution for agencies managing large numbers of sellers, offering a centralized platform for channel, order, inventory, and shipment management, ensuring smooth operations and scalable growth for their seller portfolios.